Steve Wollett | Gaming Mastermind, Movie Mogul and Legit Bank Robber

Special guest

Steve Wollett started off as an idiot (his words, not mine) and progressed into an honest-to-god bank robber in his early years. No joke. This guy made hundreds of thousands of dollars walking into banks and spending about 2 minutes, then walking out with a sack full of cash!

Eventually, Steve was caught, and ended up spending some time in prison where started a gaming party of 30 inmates. This is when things took a turn for Steve, and between gaming with his fellow prisoners and meeting a mentor that helped him see the error of his ways, he turned to gaming as a way to fill his time and his interest.

Out of prison, Steve went to school, got a legitimate job, and continued to game. Eventually, he started working in the movie industry and currently sits on judging panels for a number of festivals. If you are interested in gaming and Steve’s filmmaking, you can go to Amazon Prime and look up “A Word from a Gamer”, his award-winning film about gamers spoken by gamers; it is a really well put-together and interesting film.

These days, Steve spends time at his health food store and writing novels, which started out as a dare but has progressed into 10 different books! His latest, “The Gorgon’s Lament” is another thing I did not expect from Steve. (this is a REALLY interesting guy!) Find it here:

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