Tammy Leitzel | Former Amish Stripper

Special guest

Tammy Leitzel is interesting because she is a Mennonite turned Stripper!  

Although she never actually joined the Mennonite church (since she revolted before she was 18) she sees that as a positive because she does not have all the guilt that her Catholic friends carry, since she made the choice instead of being baptized at birth.

Tammy teaches sensual self-expression / exotic dancing that she learned from a professional stripper with 23-years of experience, to get over her repressive culture in that Mennonite Community. Talk about going overboard!

Tammy likes to use shock value a bit during my classes because she wants to FLIP the SCRIPT on the patriarchy where women are sexualized and used for the self-interest of others; instead, she want's women's sexuality to be a tool that women can use for their own pleasure and self-interest.  

You can take Tammy's 7-day challenge to unleash your inner sexual being at http://www.wowfactorchallenge.com.

Tammy Leitzel | Former Amish Stripper has been a guest on 2 episodes.