Stuart Rice is the co-creator of "Sketch Comedy Podcast Show".

Stuart's interest in comedy started at a very young age, where he proclaimed in his toddler pants that he was going to be a stand-up comedian. As he grew up he was told time and time again that he needed to make sure that he had a career in mind, and that comedy was not a career. So, instead of following that dream, he got a "normal" career and has been pretty successful at that.

Then he met Alisha...

Stuart and Alisha started dating and, although they became really tight friends, it never worked out romantically for the two. While they were together, they often found themselves using their similar sense of humor to make up scenarios and situations for characters they made up to be in... you know, most people call it improv. The two would do so while watching movies with Stuart's kids, and the kids initially would tell Stuart and Alisha to be quiet... and then pretty soon the kids were requesting the two to do more.

After deciding that they were no longer going to try to make real babies, Stuart suggested that he and Alisha grab a couple of microphones and set them up in Stuart's living room and try their hand at that childhood dream... comedy. The idea came quickly to both of them, they would come up with something different in the podcast space, something that both of them felt was missing in podcasting, and created this show. Stuart and Alisha knew they were on the right track when the first domain name they looked for, "" was totally available. After that, as they say, is history.

Sketch Comedy Podcast Show has won a number of awards, has had over 100,000 downloads and has been listened to in most countries on the globe. After 3 years, Alisha left the show and Stuart had a choice: quit and reminisce or change the format of the show. Stuart decided to do the former, and that is what you are listening to now!

Stuart really enjoys finding interesting people, and fortunately for this show he lives in a spot where a lot of interesting people live, so between the streets of Portland, OR and the internet there is an endless supply of wonderful people for Stuart to converse with and make fun sketches.

In the future, Stuart is hoping to find even more interesting people, some higher-profile guests, adding animation to the sketches and doing stage shows and online events for improv. These things are all in addition to what he does for a day-to-day job which makes it slower to achieve.

Stuart has 3 kids and lives in Portland, OR.

Stuart Rice has hosted 102 Episodes.