Conversation with Jason Eric Ross | Psychotherapist Turned Psychopath (on TV)


June 3rd, 2019

30 mins 35 secs

Season 4

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Jason Eric Ross is a psychotherapist by trade and has been a psychopath... or at least portrayed one on TV.

Jason became an actor late in life and, last year, decided he didn't want to have any regrets in his life so he enrolled in and is nearly finished with the UCB sketch and improv programs after waiting 14 years to start. He recently appeared on Betty en NY on Telemundo and will be seen in Paper Empire this fall with Robert Davi, Denise Richards, Steve Guttenberg and Wesley Snipes.

In his professional career, Jason followed in the footsteps of his psychoanalyst parents and helps people in mental health with parenting, trauma, substance abuse and co-authored a book with his mother on parenting called "You Can Say No And, Yes Parents, Your Children Will Still Love You" which you can get on Amazon for free!

Jason has also been a Beatle, or at least a fake one in the Beatle cover band “Let It Be”; he played the “quiet one” George on guitar.

We talk about having psychoanalyst parents, not falling terribly far from the tree, comedy and improv, parenting, and then I use this as a way to get free therapy… oh and we record a sketch too!

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