Conversation with Nate Dern | Host of Comedy Central’s “Every Damn Day”


June 4th, 2018

36 mins 11 secs

Season 3

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Remember that show called “Beauty and the Geek” where they took incredibly hot but maybe not mentally fit women and incredibly geeky and not-necessarily socially amicable men and put them in the same house together to see how they interacted and offered a boatload of money to the final two people that did the best? Nate Dern wishes you didn’t. Mainly because Nate Dern is now an accomplished author, was a senior writer for “Funny or Die”, is the director of content at the upcoming KnewQ website and is currently the host of the upcoming “Every Damn Day” on Comedy Central which is “The Daily Show” but for pop culture and the internet. Nate sounds like a really busy guy, but at the time of this conversation he might have even been wearing a bathrobe. I have great timing!

We talk about his experiences with celebrities at “Funny or Die” and talk about his fantastic book “Not Quite a Genius” and also delve into the website he is helping to develop content KnewQ, which is looking to game-ify the news and make it fun to discover how much of the news is straight-up bullshit! Afterwards, we record a sketch!

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