Conversation with Rusty Diamond | Hypnotic Professional Wrestler


February 11th, 2019

36 mins 3 secs

Season 4

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The fact that Rusty Diamond is a 170 pound professional wrestler is pretty interesting… but the fact that Rusty is also a hypnotist? That’s some next level interesting!

Rusty is a member of DOA Pro Wrestling as well as ECCW Wrestling and has had the pleasure of playing the face (a good guy) as well as a heel (the bad guy). He has also been a stand-up comic and, most recently, a hypnotist.

We talk about identity crisis in pro wrestling and how Rusty found himself drawn to entering the ring. We also talk about doing stand up, and how it compares to wrestling, and Rusty talks about doing crowd work on the stage. Then, and probably the most interesting, is Rusty’s entering into the foray of hypnotism. You read that right, hypnotism and why he chose that as a vocation. Both of us are really into floating in sensory deprivation tanks also… maybe we should have recorded in one of those… At any rate, you can check out Rusty’s hypnotism on his website: If you suffer from anxiety, fear, depression, athletic enhancement, or would like help with stopping smoking or losing weight, Rusty offers treatments that are on a sliding scale. I know that there are a lot of skeptics out there, but for what Rusty is charging and even if there were mild improvements in your life, it would be well worth it. In fact, to make it more worth it, he is offering the first 15 minutes of your session for free! Just mention “Sketch Comedy Podcast Show” when you book your appointment!

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  • Hypnosis in Portland - Hypnosis Is Great — This is Rusty Diamond, C.H. He can help with all sorts of things through hypnosis: anxiety, fear, athletic improvement, among other things and can also help with stopping smoking and weight loss. Plus, he is a really interesting guy and has a great voice for this!

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