Conversation with Tammy Leitzel | Former Amish Stripper*


July 2nd, 2018

33 mins 59 secs

Season 3

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  • Okay, admittedly, the description of this guest is a little misleading. Tammy Leitzel is a former Mennonite, not Amish (and not really that connected), and she has performed stripping since that time, not during that time. Also, she was never a Mennonite past the age of 18, so maybe that isn’t entirely truthful either… I took liberties, but that is one hell of a headline!

Tammy helps women become playful with their sexuality through exotic dance and pushing each woman’s individual boundaries. Her website,, is a great resource to find out if you would like to be a part of her free 7-day challenge to help uncover that special sparkle within you.

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